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Simplify: Living A One-Cup Life eBook

Simplify: Living a One-Cup Life eBook


This faith-based, self-study program walks you through eight steps to simplify your life. At the end of this process, you will have worked through:

  • Gaining clarity around the roles and tasks you currently fulfill.
  • Determining your most important roles in your current season of life.
  • Identifying and working to say goodbye to roles that no longer serve you.
  • Adding commitments that you currently do not fulfill but wished you did.
  • Learning how to live out this simplified life on a daily basis.

This self-study course is the perfect way to get started on living a thriving life.

Angie Nippert

Live to Thrive speaking topics are faith-based and designed to help women simplify, nourish, and rejuvenate their souls. Each topic is ideally delivered in a 3-4 hour workshop format where participants are actively engaged in the process with an audience size ranging between 5 and 30 participants. However, each topic can also be delivered in a 1-2 hour presentation with little audience presentation. This format is ideal for larger audiences. All presentations can also be delivered in a secular format. 


Simplify: Living a “One” Cup Life

Time is the number one reason women struggle to thrive in life. Time to sit and be quiet in God’s Word, time to cook and prepare healthy meals, to exercise, to participate in self-care, and time to serve and connect with others. Because time is a legitimate barrier in our ability to thrive, we must first re-establish what we fill our days with. This presentation will allow participants to gain clarity around their responsibilities and priorities in their current season of life. Participants will then work to identify and prune away tasks that no longer serve them. Finally, participants will learn ways to establish boundaries as a way to maintain a simplified life. 

Reducing and Managing Stress

If there is one thing that is for certain in life, it is that stress will always be a part of it. It is thus imperative to learn ways to reduce and manage this stress. This presentation will first focus on the why behind the importance of reducing stress levels. Education on the short and long-term negative health ramifications to unmanaged stress will be discussed. Following this discussion, participants will be lead through a variety of skills that have been proven effective in reducing stress, including: Prayer, getting into God’s Word, having an attitude of gratitude, deep breathing, yoga stretches, and journaling.

Saying Yes to You

“You cannot fill from an empty cup” is a quote so easily said and yet so hard to implement. But, in order to live a thriving life, taking care of oneself is essential. This workshop will help women understand the biblical truth around self-care, bringing an awareness and acceptance that rejuvenating the soul is critical to serving God. Participants will also begin the exploration process around self-care activities that bring joy and fulfillment to their life. Finally, participants will leave the workshop with a specific plan on how to implement self-care activities into their days.

Live To Thrive

Living a thriving life requires intentionality in all presentation areas – simplifying life, reducing and managing stress, and saying yes to self-care. For a complete transformational experience, a series of all the thrive workshops can be presented over the course of several months. This option provides participants ample time to implement the thrive strategies with additional support and encouragement during their journey. 

Kind Words

  • You are a great wellness coach – a combination of excellent listening skills, support/encouragement, movement from intention to measurable actions, and a wealth of knowledge available when requested.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Angie this past fall as my Wellness Coach. I have struggled for over 15 years to take off 20 lbs. This is the first holiday season in years that I have not gained weight.  She has helped me find solutions that fit into my daily life with food and exercise that have been invaluable as well as life changing.   She was encouraging and finding solutions was a very collaborative process, to make good “lifestyle” changes, which helps me reach my health goals. It was a wonderful journey with many benefits - I have a clearer brain, better blood pressure and the weight is slowly dropping.  And… believe it or not I am not tied to my bathroom scale.

  • Angie was a genuine, caring and reliable coach who listened, asked thoughtful questions, analyzed data, and offered encouragement and advice. She offered suggestions and resources that helped to promote a healthier lifestyle, primarily in the areas of food choices and exercise. It was enjoyable working with her and I appreciated the knowledge and awareness of health principles I gained through this experience.