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The solution to simplify my life and reduce my stress was to quit my job. This one resolve was the hardest decision I have ever made. The fear of the unknown kept me paralyzed to a life that no longer served me. While I had many fears, the one that prevented me from taking action sooner was my identity. “If I was no longer a professor, then who was I?

Truth be told, this is still hard for me. As a society, we wrap our identities into our careers and jobs. When we no longer carry that title, we start to wonder, “Now who am I?” 

While this questioning still resonates with me, I wouldn’t trade my decision for the world. My once chaotic life has became much more simple, resulting in more peace and calm. I know have room to breathe and take care of myself. I’m living the life I dreamt of only a few short years ago.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t make this change sooner.

Luke 9:24 says ,“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.”

Dear friend, if this message hits you like a sharp dagger, then I encourage you to start dreaming of your life beyond your fears. Make the brave decision to ‘lose your life’ so that you can ‘gain your life.’

I know that not everyone can quit their job. But, I also know there are lots of opportunities to find a job that better serves you or to find alternative opportunities in your current position.

Today, I encourage you to look past your fears of the unknown and change, and instead focus on what you dream for in a more simplified life.

If this message is hitting home, spend time journaling around what a more simplified life looks and feels like for you. The act of writing can help you clarify those fears that keep you sidelined. It also gives you a safe place to dream.

Journal Questions:

  1. How would making a change better serve me and my family?
  2. How would this change simplify my days?
  3. How would living out a more simplified life make me feel?

If making a change is necessary for you to live a more simplified, peace-filled life, then be brave and find the courage to say “no more.” It’s time for you to start living past your fears!

Praying You Through,

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