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Life is full of stress. The fact of the matter is that stress will always be a part of our lives.

The key to living a thriving life is not to get rid of your stress. It is learning to manage it.

Friend, how you are doing in managing your stress?

You may be thinking that, in your current season of life, stress is doable. Sure, there are days and circumstances that present itself as stressful but for the most part you feel in control of managing this stress.

Or you might fall on the opposite side of this continuum and feel so overwhelemed in life that you wonder who’s in control – you or your stress.

Regardless of where you fall, learning to cope with this stress is essential to your physical health and emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Trust me, I know from a very real experience the way chronic stress can negatively impact you!

This month, I’m sharing some stress management strategies I‘ve found to be extremely effective in managing my own stress. I pray you too will find some stress relief from these techniques.

Last week I talked about learning to walk through the stress by embracing it and then finding ways to view stress differently or removing the stressor itself.

This week, the strategy I want to share with you is breathe prayers.

Breathe Prayers


Breathe Prayers is a technique that combines deep breathing with biblical truth. It combines the power of deep, healing breathes, with God’s truth to calm our mind, body, and spirit. Can it get any better than this?

When stress hits, your breathing becomes shallow. This chest breathing increases your heart rate, gets you even more anxious, and raises your stress levels – all things you don’t want to happen!

During times of stress, it is deep, belly breathing you want to strive for. With this breathing, your breathe begins from the lower part of your belly. As you inhale, your chest and ribs expand, pushing outward.

After a brief pause at the top of your inhalation, you sigh heavily through pursed lips, slowly beginning your exhalation as your chest and rib cage collapse back into their neutral positions.

A natural byproduct of this 4 count inhalation and 8 count exhalation is a slowed, more relaxed body and mind.

Adding biblical truth to these deep breathes layers a whole new level of calm to your body by shifting your attention to God, His truth, and His grace.

Want to give it a try?

Breathe Prayer Practice

Begin by doing several deep breathes, following the 4 count inhalation, 8 count exhalation phase. When you feel comfortable add in the biblical truth. As you close out your time in your breathe prayer, read through the full Scripture verse and say a surrender prayer to God.

Inhale: Peace I leave with you,

Exhale: Peace I give you.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubles and do be afraid.” (John 14:27)

Dear Heavenly Father, the stress is too much for me right now. I can’t do this by myself and need to lay it all at your feet. Give me the peace you promise me and settle my troubled heart. Amen

Breathe Prayer Challenge

Want more opportunities to practice these breathe prayers?

Starting next week I’m doing a breathe prayer challenge. It is free to sign up! Each day you will be sent a new breathe prayer to practice. With time and practice, you will reap the benefits breathe prayers can have for your stress and yes, joy in your life.

You can sign up here!

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Friend, life is simply too short to lived stressed out. Turn your worries and fears over to God using this simple, yet extremely effective stress management strategy. God wants your stress. Lay down your cross at His feet.

Praying you through,

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