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Can you believe we are already approaching the end of July? This means we are half way through summer and the end of 2017!

Are you like me and thinking, “Whoa, where did the time go? Didn’t we just start 2017?”

With 6 months of the year behind us, and 6 more months ahead of us, now is the perfect time to check in and see how your New Year, New You progress is going!

Have you made strides towards your goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the New Year?

If you have, congrats for a job well done! I’m proud of you! There is nothing easy to changing habits and you overcame thousands of obstacles that could have stood in your way, but didn’t.

If you have not made as much progress as you would have hoped by now, I’m here to say offer up some words of encouragement.

New Definition of Success

All too often I talk with women who have an “all or nothing” mentality. You know the kind – either I’ve reduced my stress or I haven’t. I’ve either made better eating choices, or I haven’t.

This “all or nothing” mentality only gives you two options; success or failure.

We succeed if (and only if) our progress shows a perfect, linear line (like the first line in this graphic). We believe we have failed if our progress looks anything different from this perfect line.

When our mindset is black and white like this, there is no doubt you feel like you have failed.

But, here’s the deal, you haven’t failed! Let me repeat that, you have not failed!

Friends, let’s stop thinking that success is a perfect linear line.

Success is messy and we need to start embracing this mess!

By choosing to see success from a different mindset, you allow yourself the grace and hope to keep going and to keep trying.

Closing Out 2017

With each sunrise, you have the amazing grace from God to remind you that your day starts fresh. It is your redo; a chance to make you and your health a priority.

Use your bullet journal to encourage you each day to find time to prioritize your goals and desires.

And, as you move forward into the last 6 months of 2017, remember that success is messy. 

Finally, if you want to be healthier but are struggling to do so, reach out! There is no shame in asking for help. Together we can find strategies that will help you move past your barriers and challenges towards the progress you desire. Let’s talk on the phone and see if having a health coach could help you make 2017 your healthiest year yet.



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