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When was the last time you journaled?

I often ask my clients to journal around their successes and challenges as they work to implement new habits into their days.

There is power around journaling as you take what is in your mind and process it through writing.

Writing out what you observe throughout the day and how you feel as you work to implement changes into your habits can not only reinforce your successful efforts but help you process barriers that arise when implementing these changes.

While I full heartily believe in journaling, I also know very few take the time to implement this discipline.

Until now.

A few weeks back I had a client introduce me to bullet journaling.

I immediately fell in đź’ž love and knew others would too!

Bullet journaling is an excellent alternative to traditional journaling. While there are multiple ways you could use bullet journaling, I encourage my clients to use it for tracking their habits they wish to change.

Habit tracking is simple. You put the habits you are wanting on change in your life on the left side of the paper. To the right of this, you include the dates of the month. Each day you complete the task, you mark it on your tracker. Overtime you get the benefit of observing how often you completed this new habit.

A feature not included on most habit trackers but what I ask my clients to include, is a column titled current status. This status goes right after the listed habits and before the days of the week. In this column clients are to record how often they currently complete the habit in a week.

In addition to the current status column, I also add an update column every 2 weeks. In this column, clients simply add up the number of times they have completed that habit over a 2 week timeframe.

By adding these columns, client’s can visually track progress made. This progress can then be shared with me and we can celebrate these wins and talk through what they are doing that allows for this success.

If little to no progress is being made, it is an excellent opportunity to really dig deep and examine what is not working for them as they try to make changes. From there new strategies are developed that will allow more progress to be made in changing their habit.

What I love about bullet journaling and specifically habit tracking is the simplicity of use and the easy recognition of habit progress.

Getting Started

I have a few suggestions for you before you get started:

  1. Habit trackers are flexible and thus allow you to start today. No need to wait until the start of a new week or month.
  2. Start tracking and working towards no more than 3 habits. Anything more than this may seem overwhelming. Over time you can add additional habits to your tracker once you feel a behavior has become a regular part of your routine.
  3. Keep your tracker in a location that will prompt you to remember these habits. Personally, I like to keep mine in the bathroom. I see it right away in the morning and serves to remind me of my habits I wish to change. I also see it at the end of the night where I can check off what was completed. Doing so provides closure for the day.

Get a copy of a habit tracker here. Print it off and get started today! As you begin implementing this tool in your days, I would love to hear from you! Hit reply to this email and let me know how using bullet journaling and specifically habit tracking is helping you become a healthier version of yourself!



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