Hi there, friend! I’m Angie, the founder and owner of Wellwomen Thrive, a health coaching business that breathes life into weary souls. I’m so glad you found me!

If you are visiting me today feeling your own level of weariness and hurting, please know you are not alone! You have a friend in me who wants nothing more than to sit down with you, grab a cup of coffee, and hear your story.

I want to wipe away the tears that fall as you wonder, “How much longer can I keep going?” and, “Will it ever get better?!” Through tears and laughter, a message of hope and possibility will be shared. A message that has its foundation in our Heavenly Father. 

I will be able to share this message of hope only because I was once in your shoes. It wasn’t long ago that I lived life exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, and broken.

I learned the hard way that living life off balance and in a state of chronic stress damages a person – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thankfully I found a better way to live. Today, I embrace a more simplified, peace-filled life where boundaries are set and maintained. Rest and self-care are embraced, and slowing down to see, hear, and talk to God is prioritized.

It is through God’s grace that my mind, body, and soul were renewed and restored. I am forever grateful that this renewal is allowing me to speak biblical truth to other women, helping them move from surviving to thriving in life.

If you could use a friend who cares for you and wants nothing more than to revive your own soul, then I encourage you to follow me. Together we will navigate this crazy journey called life together.



Angie Nippert

Certifications and Degrees

Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Ph.D., Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Minnesota

M.A., Sport and Exercise Psychology, Western Illinois University

B.S., Exercise Science, Minnesota State Moorhead

  • You are a great wellness coach – a combination of excellent listening skills, support/encouragement, movement from intention to measurable actions, and a wealth of knowledge available when requested.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Angie this past fall as my Wellness Coach. I have struggled for over 15 years to take off 20 lbs. This is the first holiday season in years that I have not gained weight.  She has helped me find solutions that fit into my daily life with food and exercise that have been invaluable as well as life changing.   She was encouraging and finding solutions was a very collaborative process, to make good “lifestyle” changes, which helps me reach my health goals. It was a wonderful journey with many benefits - I have a clearer brain, better blood pressure and the weight is slowly dropping.  And… believe it or not I am not tied to my bathroom scale.

  • Angie was a genuine, caring and reliable coach who listened, asked thoughtful questions, analyzed data, and offered encouragement and advice. She offered suggestions and resources that helped to promote a healthier lifestyle, primarily in the areas of food choices and exercise. It was enjoyable working with her and I appreciated the knowledge and awareness of health principles I gained through this experience.